Dr Daniel Weber. DSc, PhD is CEO and Chief medical officer of Panaxea International. Daniel is Visiting Professor at Tianjin University at which University Daniel has carried out numerous studies on Panaxea’s formulations which resulted in Peer-reviewed journal articles.

Daniel is recognised internationally as an informative and passionate speaker, travelling extensively lecturing on modern botanical medicine, psychophysical diseases. Microbiome as well as cancer (see www.danielweberinternational.com)

Daniel is author of many books, articles and databases on integrative medicine, with outstanding his contribution to integrative oncology.

Daniel is deeply committed to research and evidence based medicines (EBM). Daniel’s innovations are many and include: The worlds’ first English language database for Chinese herbal medicine, with which he gained his PhD; and more recently botanical oncology clinician reference books and an online database for medical professionals. Daniel’s most remarkable achievement with Panaxea has to be the brilliance of the formulas he has created, now being sold and loved by practitioners on four continents.

Daniel holds a Master Degree in Botanical Medicine and has been a Registered Somatic Psychotherapist since 1987. Daniel has a clinical practice at Panaxea in Sydney, and is available to support practitioners with their most difficult patients.

Wilhemina Hoedeman

Executive Director COO

Wilhemina Hoedeman is COO of Panaxea International and chief Editor of Panaxea Publishing.

Wilhemina is an executive with more than 30 years’ experience in natural medicine and personal development industries.

Wilhemina began her career in the USA as a psychotherapist and later incorporating nutrition and body work.

Wilhemina’s career involves many industry firsts including: - establishing with Daniel Weber the first company in Australia to systemise Traditional Chinese Medicine for use in mainstream clinic practices that included training programs to Health professionals for continued education.

Wilhemina has extensive experience in manufacturing and development of botanical and nutritional supplements around the world. She has more than 30 years’ experience in sales and marketing, business operations, team leadership, personal coaching, group facilitation and training.

Aside from her executive responsibilities Wilhemina has in-depth knowledge of using Chinese botanical medicine to treat chronic diseases including supporting cancer patients. Wilhemina has a Bachelor in Arts and a Post Grad Diploma in Psychotherapy. Wilhemina is deeply committed to the importance of Daniel Weber’s work in our industry.

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